Make an application for a status that is single you’re planning to marry offshore, or you’re time for your nation of re

Make an application for a status that is single you’re planning to marry offshore, or you’re time for your nation of re


If you should be likely to marry offshore, or you’re time for your nation of residence to obtain hitched, you will need a solitary status certification. This certificate verifies that you have perhaps maybe not been hitched in NSW within a certain duration of the time.

You are able to submit an application for a status that is single in person at a site centre, or by mail.

Certificates are delivered to you by the NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages, making use of post that is registered. You simply cannot get yourself a certification from a solution centre.


  • If you should be trying to get your certificate that is own’ll require 3 copies of your very own recognition.
  • If you should be trying to get a certificate with respect to someone else, you may need:
    • 3 copies of your very own recognition
    • a letter providing authorization from the individual known as from the certification, making use of their target, daytime cell phone number and fuckr signature included
    • 3 copies of identification through the individual offering authorization.

Things you need

  • your private and details that are contact
  • the main points of this search
  • 3 kinds of recognition as specified in the application
  • your re payment
  • the PDF form – ‘NSW solitary Status Certificate Application’.

Just how to use

  1. Check out the eligibility demands.
  2. Down load and finish the NSW solitary Status Certificate Application – PDF.
  3. Ensure you have got all the mandatory paperwork.
  4. Lodge the application with re re payment:
  • In person at a ongoing solution centre, or
  • through the post to: Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages GPO Box 30 Sydney NSW 2001

Additional information

  • You wish to marry before you apply for a single status certificate, check the legal requirements with the consulate, embassy or local representative of the country in which.
  • Processing times start whenever applications are gotten in complete conformity with Registry demands, and exclude distribution time.
  • If you replace your head, or determine the certification is not any much much much longer required, the job cost shall never be refunded.
  • Documents offered as evidence of identification might have their authenticity confirmed through the nationwide Document Verification Service (DVS).

To be sure you need to complete this transaction, please visit Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages that you have all the information and documentation.

Re re re Payment techniques

You can easily review deal re re payment choices on our re payment practices web web page.

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